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Achieve Your Potential in Competition IOM Sailing


Vickers RC Sailing


Producer of the V11 Competition International One Metre Design by Ian Vickers.

Our workshop opened in 2014 with the V8 IOM. Since then we have produced hundreds of hand crafted IOM yachts in the Vickers design range. Yachts that have helped IOM competitors around the world achieve their potential and exceed expectations in competition.

We are currently offering the V11, the innovative design that finished 3rd at the 2019 World Championships in Port Alegre, Brazil.

When our clients return, they know they are tapping in to smart, competitive technology in IOM design and build. Stiff, Lightweight boats, that are Easily Assembled, Fast and Forgiving to sail. Join the fun!



Improve your results at the club and the regatta, with the fast and forgiving V11 from Vickers RC Sailing


Set Up and Sail

The V11 detailing is simple but effective. In conjunction with the V11 Set Up Guide, assembly is straight forward, and vital tuning information assists you to quickly understand and master your V11's potential



Vickers RC Sailing build processes are well refined and thought out.

Our boats are light, stiff and clever,  keeping to a simple and effective philosophy around detailing



The V11 design is a hull, foils and bulb package to compliment the full range of conditions experienced in RC Sailing. The hull design has full volume forward and features the familiar chines and tumblehome of the modern IOM for reduced weight and windage, as well as good tracking characteristics. The V11 features our peaked style foredeck for efficient water shedding when buried downwind and a geometrically strong shape for the forestay and mast ram areas.

Foils are slippery and strategically positioned with the rig to balance the yacht. The V11s forgiving balance through the wind range, allows the skipper to focus on the race at hand, and not rely on micro steering to maintain a consistent VMG.

The rig sits solid on its deck stepped mast step, complimented at deck level with an encapsulating mast gate arrangement over the mast ram. The rudder tube is rigidly supported inside the moulded servo tray. 

Hull construction is from E-Glass Fibreglass Cloth and High Grade Epoxy Resin.

The foils are Carbon Fibre Layup with High Grade Epoxy Resin.

Paint system is a 2 pot Urethane and the boat is thoroughly post cured before finishing.

The V11 Features-

Plastic main hatch access. 

Ready to accept RMG Winch and Standard sized Rudder Servo

Bow Bumper attached.

Hardware is Bantock including an adjustable mast ram, adjustable mainsheet post and tiller arm.

All necessary fittings attached for standing and running rigging.

The V11 comes out of our workshop in Beach Haven, Auckland New Zealand and is ready to accept rigs and electrics.

We also make sails that can be added to the order, or ordered separately.

So hit the enquiry button to discuss delivery times and options.

We are ready to help.


Essential to success in sailing comes down to the Rig and how it is set up and tuned. The V11 comes with a Set Up Guide that covers all the expert information needed to set up like the guns. It specifies the hardware, construction and tuning information to get your rig and sails set up and sailing near optimum straight off the bat, so you can enjoy your racing and punch above your weight.

Include Sets of sails from Vickers RC Sailing and enhance the experience.



Vickers Rc Sailing is back taking orders again for the V11

We look forward to hearing from you 


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